What’s new pertaining to Overwatch in 2017? Blizzard promising brand new heroes, maps plus customisation (probably)

Kaplan says that the team are “working on multiple innovative heroes” but adds a disclaimer that “we tend work on more articles than we put out because we magic size stuff and sometimes it fails or most of us go back to the drawing snowboard.” However, he tells the team do have “have one hero that I feel it very offering,” adding in which “we’ve started to relocate it through all of our art pipeline so this means we’ve got a dangerous of confidence because than some of our some other heroes.”  

There’s furthermore at least one new Overwatch place on the way after Oasis

While Blizzard possesses revealed Oasis to have an early 2017 release, Kaplan affirms the studio provides other maps it can be experimenting with. As with the actual heroes there’s “one chart we have a pretty good standard of confidence in” that sounds like it could be an certain contender. It’s apparently a traditional game setting. But there’s also “a number of experimental maps which we’re having a number of fun with.Inches Kaplan’s not sure “if they’ll begin to see the light of day” nevertheless talks about how “we’actu trying new things when using the maps and we are trying new game modalities as well.”  

The interaction and spray tires are getting more customisation and options

Both the connection and spray tires will be getting a new command scheme that will allow that you access up to several addition voice strains, emotes or sprays. Using voice lines/emotes it means you may access multiple choices one after the other. As far as sprays go, you’ll still merely be able to have one working in the world at a time. 

You cannot force team talk but the game is going to ‘strongly encourage’ players to join

Apparently there has been a lot of requests to make people into crew chats. Kaplan seems insistent that Blizzard “doesn’t wish to forcibly move any person from party chant so that you can team chat” saying as a substitute that “we want to strongly encourage players that are partied up to join company chat.” That might be achieved via a press button that’s very similar to the particular ‘stay as group’ one particular added recently.

Overwatch’s esports alternatives are getting a brush up

There are not a huge amount of details the following, only that there had been wants for improvements, especially with spectator modes including a viewer map. 

Overwatch is receiving a server browser to aid find custom games

Pretty similar to what it sounds: Blizzard want to make it simpler for people to find personalized games so these are working on a server web browser. 

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