South Park: This Fractured But Overall Coon Conspiracy Trailer Revealed

South Park: The Cracked But Whole is due out in the coming months, and Ubisoft hyped this today with an all-new truck. This trailer highlights Cartman’s “The Coon” personality as he and the remainder of the team battle Educator Chaos and his wicked minion horde of…hamsters in balls.? The game looks to take everything that created the first game get the job done and amplify utilizing bigger stakes. Instead of LARPing over a stick, you’regarding out to SAVE The particular UNIVERSE It’s the regional boys of Southwest Park up against the unpleasant Professor Chaos, as well as New Kid is out to prove his worth once again. Almost all copies of the match get a copy within the Stick of Actuality, while pre-orders get Towelie extra content. The game at present has a March Thirty one, 2017 release date.

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