Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final Has An Intriguing Anime Trailer Gamer

Atlus is prepping for any Japanese release of on the particular Nitnendo 3DS in Asia starting February Tenth in 2016.

Gematsu did an excellent write-up about the themes together with story of the match, explaining the role within the main protagonist and just how gamers will help switch him (and yes, it’azines a him) on the way to being good or evil. You can see the lively trailer for under.

The minute and a half travel trailer is kind of crazy. We come across Tokyo getting ruined, some woman’s mid section being blown out there and some demons simply being evaporated by what I could only assume to get an angel… which in turn receives evaporated by the protagonist.

The synopsis for the sport sounds very interesting and also seems to pull an internet site out of , where competitors will either turn into the savior from the land or the destroyer. The item states…

Okay so it also may seem a little like that horrible movie where Paul Bettany tried using his darndest to elevate this film out of gutter-bin trash status.

Nevertheless, a game agreeing to those concepts when using the established rulesets and folklore of seems like it could possibly be interesting. Post-Armageddon settings among angels and demons is obviously fascinating territory and we had a sort of backdoor, metaphysical approach to the individual with and a more basic, comic book adaption in .

I think we’ll find out what Atlus has in store for Nintendo 3DS gamers when the identify launches on February Eleventh in 2016.

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