Pokken Tournament Arcade Control Coming March 18th, 2016 Gamer

The Wii U becomes an exclusive new Hori controlled for Bandai Namco’s . Your controller is planned to launch on April 18th, 2016 and will be you can buy from select participating stores.

Shoryuken caught wind with the news as Amazon online marketplace has started pre-orders for the operator starting at $24.98.

The controller is designed right after the arcade cabinet that Bandai Namco designed for the battling game. It offers several face buttons around the front of the game controller, with four utility buttons at the bottom. There’s a single D-pad on the allowed to remain side of the controller and only two control keys on the top of the operator, containing an ‘L’ in addition to ‘R’ button on both your left and travel side of the operator.

There is nothing on the backside of the controller C hardly any paddles, no buttons, no triggers, no demand pads and no branches.

It’s a very simple controller design that hearkens into the days of the SNES remotes.

They note on the Rain forest page that the Hori Pokken Match Pro Pad exclusive edition special weapons controller for the Wii U will not performance properly with most different titles. The fact that it’vertisements a wired USB controller and that it doesn’t have any motion or analog capabilities means that it’verts severely limited to use functionality. Nevertheless, this is the prime-time controller for tournament situation play, which should try to make look a bit more enticing towards the fighting game network and the tournament world.

Unfortunately the game is not provided in with the controller. I kind of wish it was because that would be quite a sweet deal. It may well also really offer the FGC that nagging sensing as if it would be worthy of getting the game in a very bundle pack which has a specifically made controller instead of buying the game as a stand alone and trying to fumble close to with the Wii U’vertisements Gamepad to play like a professional.

I’m wondering whenever Mad Catz will make a new fightstick for ? That would be very cool. Anyway, is expected for release this upcoming spring within 2016, exclusively on the Nintendo wii console U.

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