New Trailer Published For Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Hurricane 4 Expansion

Following along with the manga and anime series like it’s predecessors, the showy fighting game Naruto: Quintessential Ninja Storm 4 is receiving an expansion including the final bits of the leading Naruto tale along with the written content of the Boruto sequel picture. For those who aren’t experienced with the latest in Naruto, Boruto is actually Naruto’s bratty son. Following defeating veritable gods and dealing with down Sasuke one last moment, Naruto eventually grew up and became what he imagined being: Hokage, champion together with leader of Konoha. Branded Road to Boruto, the new business expansion to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja A number of will include the conclusion that will Naruto’s tale around playable fashion, incorporate Adventure Mode content that takes place following events of the main line, and then provide additional playable story articles following the sequel glaring Boruto.

See the new trailer regarding Road to Boruto below. Naruto: Greatest Ninja Storm 4: Way to Boruto will be price on $19.99 and is due out February 4, 2017, intended for PS4, Xbox One in addition to PC.


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