Mass Effect Andromeda’s battle gameplay shows preventing, engineer skills plus flamethrower upgrades

The video then quickly flicks through a several engineer’s skills, but if you happen to be quick you can capture all the details on several key abilities for instance Overload, which “unleashes a good electrostatic discharge upon some sort of target. High harm to shields and synthetic enemies.” 

Then there’s the Remnant VI which is a “retrofitted Remnant Observer” which appears to be any cloaking attack drone 

Invasion “infects competitors with an invasive VI-controlled appliance swarm that weakens defenses and spreads themselves to nearby predators.”

Team Support is a good typical group buff which “improves defenses and aid for the whole squad.”

Offensive techie boosts your computer damage, “through specialised omni-tool hardware and software.”

The last one is Additional Systems which only boosts tech properties, again though “customised omni-tool plus hardsuit subsystems.”

Finally, the video skims easily through the skill tree for the new flamethrower. This, as you progress, renovations damage, range, destruction over time, effectiveness towards armour and something referred to as ‘blinding heat.’ I do think we can guess what that will does. 

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With only a few months today until it occurs – March 7 if you missed the idea last night – assume plenty more Huge Effect Andromeda info to go in the next few weeks. I will keep you posted. 

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