Hear Carrie Fisher’s (practically) hidden role within Dishonored

Tragically, Carrie Fisher died at this time at the far too early age of 60. Unsurprisingly there were plentiful tributes into the actress from co-stars, close friends and admirers equally. 

One of which intrigued me personally:  

It’s a little thing, although Carrie Fisher was grateful, funny and imaginatively open when we worked with her for a little role in #Dishonored. Split.December 27, 2016

That’s among the many directors of Broken up there, and for the life of me I couldn’t take into account Carrie Fisher in the game. This made a big publicity of its cast when, crowing names like Barbara Sarandon, Michael Madsen and Chloë Grace Moretz, but I couldn’t bear in mind hearing Fisher. 

That’s because this lady played the part of ‘alternate avenue speaker voice’. While on an outing in Dunwall you’d be familiar with a loud presenter piping propaganda out in to the city. For most people that was a man’s voice. Nevertheless, if you could find together with kill the original lecturer during the mission to take out the Lord Regent, then they might be replaced by Carrie Fisher. 

You can certainly hear her inside video below for 6m24s

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