God of Fight 4 development is actually further along as compared to you think, director shows he played the match start to finish

The God of Battle 4 reveal on E3 2016 was one of PlayStation’s largest surprises. It’s been 6 months since then, and we now have still only the sole gameplay trailer to offer us an idea of just what game is like. Along with panic about growth stalling – actually, the game’s home said today he just finished the main full playthrough.

@filthy_mortze ha. no…you will find there’s whole game at this point. Just finished initial full play finished the leads. extreme fun milestone for us!February 22, 2016

For comparison, Ultimate Fantasy 15 construtor Kitade Satoshi announced that the huge JRPG was playable beginning to end in December 2015, and also the completed product was already released not quite a year later on. That’s good news ( space ) even if God with War goes 100 % open world utilizing quests and loot, I wouldn’t expect that to take longer than FF15 to get to market.

But y’know what would make things a little more clear so that we decided not to have to speculate? A new movie trailer. One with a put out date. Are you listening, Sony?

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