Flappy Bird – The most popular video game of 2014? Game

Flappy Bird turns out to be the most common game of 2014

Forget about Eee titles like Success, Titanfall, and Watch Dogs, as well as highly rumored models like Fallout 5 and Half-Life 3. Heck, forget even the highly anticipated Mass Effect Five because the most researched video game this year had been none other than Flappy Bird. That’ohydrates right, a little mobile phone game developed by someone managed to spark much more worldwide interest as compared with any of the aforementioned game titles. How do we know this particular??From our good friend Yahoo and google of course. The search enormous recently posted his or her “A Year in Search” outcome and it turns up this Flappy Bird ranked 1st on the top trending video game titles of 2014 list.

One would think that Destiny not less than grabbed second location, but that’s far from being the case. Come together closely behind Flappy Hen is another low budget cell phone game that goes named 2048. Rounding up Google’s 5 trending games regarding 2014 we have FIFA 15 on third area, Destiny on final, and Titanfall on 6th. While a lot of national?gamers will find a list rather strange, they will at least take comfort inside knowing that the top popular video games of 2014 United states list does not involve Flappy Bird or 2048. Google and yahoo revealed a top Twelve list for the Us and it includes a small number of surprises.

First place on the listing is naturally Bungie’s Success, followed by Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall plus Ubisoft’s Watch Pups. Then, on final place we have ArcheAge, finally place was considered by Call of Duty Leading-edge Warfare, sixth by means of Madden NFL 15, in addition to seventh by Mario Kart Ten. Finally, the last a couple of spots on the list include Dragon Age Questions, Battlefield Hardline, and Team of Angels. Interestingly, none of the lists feature eSports titles, or even the ever-so-popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. Google furthermore revealed that this year vintage games like Shovel Knight and FTL: More rapidly than Light created big comeback alongside indie titles such as Flappy Birds and 2048.

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