Final Fantasy 20 gets free New Game+ patch so you can present those Garula who’s employer

If you’ve already finalized Final Fantasy 20, well then first off, revered cactuar, congrats to you. Irrrve never even had time for you to start the dang thing. Secondly, you can revive the adventure all over as a consequence of a New Game+ patch in which Square Enix released today.

As you might suspect, Completely new Game+ in Final Dream 15 allows you to  reboot your computer Noctis’ tale from the beginning, however time with most of the weapons, gear, powerful, and skills moved over from your preliminary playthrough (the car won’t fly on an airline and you’ll have to repair the Engine Cutter if you want the Ultima Saw blade). Enemies won’t degree to your level, therefore suffering through the Pitioss Shambles really pays off and therefore are able to trounce foes that when gave you a inconvenience.

The patch comes only one day before FF15 is scheduled to get a whole number of holiday DLC – many free, some not as much. So give thanks to Santa Enix (Square Claus?) for the gifts and enjoy.

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