Do you love Kojima Productions’ mascot Ludens enough to pay $2,500 for a 5-ft statue?

Okay, it’s pretty darn cool looking, I’ll give you that. And considering its peak, maybe you could damage it apart, add some points of joint, and plop them in your passenger couch so you can use the carpool isle on the way to work. Or simply put it in your eyeport to scare off would-be intruders. Look, I’m basically trying to think of tips on how to make your insanely costly purchase a little more sensible.

Considering the pricetag, lots of of space the item occupies, and restricted quantities (only One hundred and fifty will be made), I will not imagine many of you out of trouble there are planning to bring this to your home. Doesn’t imply for metal armor and weapon upgrades and giggles, why not show if you’d buy one (presuming you had the extra cash) with our poll?

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