Devil May Cry series director teases develop new game and so of course everyone’s badly behaved for DMC 5

You may not know the brand Hideaki Itsuno, but I bet you realize his games. He has served as a representative of the Power Stone games, Dragon’s Dogma, and the Demon May Cry video games (save for the first). You want fast, trendy, stylish action? Itsuno’s among the finest for it. So conceivably it’s little amaze that when Itsuno announced his / her plans to reveal a completely new game in 2017, fanatics got excited:

Happy New Year! I exert me in order to announce the latest game this year. Appreciate it.December 31, 2016

It entirely possible that a large portion of Itsuno’s followers are keen to see Demon May Cry Several, as evidenced from the following tweets:

@tomqe Please be Devil May Shout 5!!!! 1, 2017

@tomqe @demon_Trish please give it time to be DMC5 for the love of all that is hallowed & good. otherwise i have got lost all expect. loved every game yoDecember 30, 2016

@tomqe 28, 2016

@tomqe Happy New Year!!! DMC5 ?!?!!!! 31, 2016

@tomqe Practically what everyone else is stating, Devil May Be sad 5 please.12 31, 2016

Others are longing for Dragon’s Dogma 2 or even a new Rival Educational facilities game. But I imagine whatever this mystery project ends up getting, we can expect some over-the-top steps and hopefully a few distinctly weird wit.

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