Dataminers Uncover P.L. Assets, Character Version Shenanigans Ensue

PT Model Swapping

You could argue that Delaware.T. has already ascended former its short-but-sweet period of lifetime via the multitude of approaching first-person horror titles by a number of independent studios — several of which even setting also within the confines of a house and also place of residence — but it looks as if dataminers have managed to uncover several hidden assets possibly not used in the well known demo for the then-ongoing Silent Hills project. One features a one-legged, headless creature regarding sorts (below).

PT Datamined Creature

But which will, fortunately, wasn’t no more that as the models of both characters included within the demo — that regarding Norman Reedus’ unnamed character revealed during the demo’vertisements closing moments as well as the mysterious woman whom pops up at random half-way via playing…not to mention the sobbing foetus — were also extracted, leaving users in order to (as is tradition inside modding community) to replace the particular models in a further certain Kojima-fronted, namely Aluminum Gear Solid 5. With bizarre results in say the least.

One user online, by the name of?Lakitouille, manages to switch the characters of Reptile & Quiet in one of the game’azines cutscenes to feature Reedus and the woman in what many may describe as your Secret theater-style moment with madness. It may not be for the levels of random humor that Metal Products Solid 3: Subsistence’verts secret theater contributed, but it’s data that even with its removal from PSN, R.T has retained its dedicated bottom part of enthusiasts. Underneath is another example, by just user?Solidcal Modding,?featuring a boogie (and slightly awkward-looking) Reedus along with none other than Hideo Kojima himself with the same scene from the activity. All I can have to say is: did you like it?

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