Bayonetta, Fire Emblem’s Corrin Joining Super Smash Bros Online gamer

The Wii U type of probably has the best roster out of all the games. I mean it has everything from Greninja by to Namco’s Pac-Man in order to Square’s Cloud Strife from to Capcom’azines Ryu from . Well, the particular roster just got a new tinge sexier by building Bayonetta, the titular character with Platinum Games’ third-person shooter, .

NeoSeeker performed a brief report on the latest Nintendo Direct with regard to , which also happened to be the very last Nintendo Direct for . The reveal hosted the long-legged, guns-and-blades beauty, Bayonetta. Your woman was joined by Corrin from .

The two characters could be the final set of DLC personas made available for on any Wii U and are scheduled to go reside in February of 2016 designed for $5.99 on the 3DS or Wii Anyone, or get the 3DS and Wii U bundle together designed for $6.99.

Of course you can observe how the characters behave like the other natives courtesy of a few promotional images that Nintendo sent out to your public. You can check out this posters for the characters below.

Hmm, it looks like the particular Bayonetta poster is just a lot more badass than the Corrin poster. The art is just much better and the character aspect look awesome.

Anyway, with all this goodness in the process a lot of gamers could be bummed at having to wait a couple of months to acquire their hands on Bayonetta and Corrin. Effectively, don’t worry an excessive amount because in the meantime there’s the release for Square’s Cloud Trouble, who is now a good playable character in . He’s available on this eShop.

Additionally, Bayonetta, Cloud and Corrin have accompanying Amiibos so you can have some physical representation to complement their software alternative. Expect to see your favorite (or you cannot so favorite) important gaming sites shilling your crap out of those people Amiibo figures.

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