AGDQ 2016 Is Underway Along with the Cringe Locked Plus Loaded Gamer

Do you enjoy watching ultra hardcore gamers speedrun by way of some of your favorite (but not so favorite) game titles? Well, you’ll enjoy the AGDQ 2016 event, which runs throughout the 7 days.

As reported by Personal computer Mag, Awesome Online games Done Quick is actually a charity event which will sees some of the top speedrunners within the community perform watch-worthy games using steps, superb reflexes plus exploits to get by way of various titles through across the gaming range as fast as possible. You can check out this Twitch live-stream below to get started getting in on the action.

Each year or so the charity occasion manages to raise a lot of money for various organizations, however , does so with the warning that at times details can unintentionally get… embarrassing.

Last year there was the suicide run which will resulted in a social networking meltdown, and prior to that there was this incident where the children wouldn’t stop conversing on the couch plus was told to help basically STFU by the speedrunner. In advance of that there was this sweater incident C daylights, instead of textually describing these matters I’ll just will give you link to a selection of cringe for Video games Done Quick. Look at videos below.




Sometimes… it’ersus best to just keep them at home.

Anyway, the AGDQ is about raising funds forever causes. It doesn’t hurt that avid gamers get to see some of their favourite titles in action, speedrunners during training get to understand a thing or 2 about blasting by having a game, and bejesus we all get to learn what it means to power-up in addition to utilize clutchness… just like He Lockwood.

You’ll have to check out the entire live-stream above to ascertain if you can spot any highlight reel cringe-inducing instances, but when you have high-adrenaline, uncomfortable social skills and also a room filled with just the stench regarding desperation, dedication plus perspiration, something will definitely turn up.

It’s a good entertaining affair for both the games along with the awkwardness. If you need help finding out which games will be played whenever, feel free to check out the schedule over on the Games Done Quick arrange page. The 24/7 celebration will run all through to Sunday, Economy is shown 10th, 2016. So make sure you check in periodically to observe what’s being played out.

You can learn more about Video game titles Done Quick by going to the official website.

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